We welcome papers on current research preferably addressing one of the following topics:

Creating & connecting knowledge

– revisiting collections and/or excavations sites
– archaeology and the voice of the past
– language and storytelling
– contemporary art
– the digital world
– belonging
– music and theater

Moving between different worlds

– identity and place
– comparative island studies
– translocation of art and artefacts
– ownership
– migration of people, animals and plants

The Culture-Nature nexus

– the uses of natural resources
– exploitation, adaptation and limitations
– health, growth and diseases
– climate change and pollution
– sustainability on small islands

There will be two types of presentations:

1. 30 min paper (20-25 min talk, 5-10 min discussion)
2. Round table discussions with shorter contributions

Please submit your 150 to 200 word abstract to the Dutch conference organisers by email to

by 1 January 2022.

Acceptance will be confirmed by 1 February 2022.