Standing on the shoulders of Giants …

Since its inception in 1984 the Easter Island and the Pacific International Conference Series has turned into a widely accepted, multidisciplinary and well-attended academic event. Every few years, organized by a local committee assisted by the Easter Island Foundation, scholars and interested public meet in a variety of locations around the world including Rapa Nui, Hawaii, the Chilean mainland, the United States, and Europe.

Together they review the latest scientific findings and keep up with the latest developments in the area. In between these multidisciplinary meetings, more focused conferences are held. At one of these – the International Conference on Early Pacific Migration & Navigation and Easter Island held in November 2018 in Hanga Roa – it was agreed to hold the 10th ICEIP in the Netherlands. Consequently, the organisers of the 9th conference in Berlin announced in its proceedings in 2019 that that the 10th International Conference on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and the Pacific was to be held in Leiden.

The Dutch Easter Island Foundation is happy to announce the 10th International Conference on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and the Pacific will be held in Leiden, The Netherlands on June 19-24, 2022.

What we could find on previous conferences is listed below.

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The 1st conference was held in 1984 at Rapa Nui and was organized by the Centro de Estudios de Isla de Pascua of the Universidad de Chile. In the first conference there were 82 participants from 15 different countries.

The second conference was held in 1988 at Rapa Nui and was organized by the Centro de Estudios de Isla de Pascua of the Universidad de Chile.

The third international conference on Easter Island research, the Rapa Nui Rendezvous, held in Laramie, Wyoming, August 3-6, 1993. The conference was sponsored by the University of Wyoming, and was the first of the Easter Island conferences to be hosted in the United States.

Sixty papers were presented by researcher from 18 countries. Over 250 participants attended the conference which was held in recognition of the contributions to Easter Island research made by the late William T. Mulloy, Wyoming anthropologist, and his colleagues of the 1955-56 Norwegian Expedition.

The 4th conference was in 1997 in Albuquerque, NM. This was the first of 5 conferences organized by the Easter Island Foundation with local partners. The name was Easter Island in Pacific Context. South Seas Symposium. There were 86 participants.

the Fifth International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific bring together 55 chapters, which are the result of a five-day international conference held in Hawai‘i in August 2000. Abstracts of 29 papers delivered at the conference, but not published in the volume as full-length papers, are also included; some of these papers have been published elsewhere.

The volume is divided into 12 sections. There are five chapters each on New Horizons in Pacific Research, Archaeology on Rapa Nui, Hawaiian Archaeology, Anthropology on Rapa Nui, Polynesian Physical Anthropology, and Conservation Problems in the Pacific. There are four chapters on each of the following topics: Western Pacific Research, Samoan Prehistory, French Polynesian Prehistory, and Polynesian Languages and Literature. Two sections on Arts of the Pacific contain a total of nine chapters.

Rapa Nui Conference - Chile 2004

The VI International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific was held in Viña del Mar, Chile, in conjunction with Centro de Estudios Rapa Nui at the University of Valparaíso in September 2004.

The VII International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific was held in Visby, Sweden in conjunction with Gotland University in August 2007.

Rapa Nui Conference - USA 2012

The 8th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific, Living in Changing Island Environments, was held 8-13 July 2012 in Santa Rosa, California.

Rapa Nui Conference - Germany 2015

The 9th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific was held from 21-26 June 2015 at the Ethnological Museum, Dahlem, Berlin (Germany) and was jointly organized by The German Archaeological Institute (DAI), the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, and the HafenCity University Hamburg.

Scientists from Australia, New Zealand, Russia, USA, Germany, Cook Islands and Rapa Nui, who have for many years been studying the migrations of the Polynesian ancestors across the Pacific Ocean, met between the 6th and the 10th of last November at Villa Biyu-Siyu in Ubud, Bali. Several representatives of the Rapanui community were in attendance at this small, exclusive gathering which was organized by the archaeologist, Sonia Haoa of the Mata Ki Te Rangi Foundation.

Papers were presented with samplings of the research which has been undertaken in recent years on traditional navigation, archeology, DNA of the travelers, language, flora and fauna, obsidian resources and cultural remains, especially in ceramics, all with the objective of determining when and how Polynesia was settled.

Rapa Nui: Heritage, Culture & Society from a Contemporary Perspective
An international symposium on historic and contemporary topics of Rapa Nui was held on Rapa Nui on 17 November 2018. Ever since the implementation of the Chilean civil administration in the 1960s and especially since the beginnings of the 1990s, Rapanui society has been undergoing a series of political, economic and cultural changes.

The aim of this symposium is to reflect about these changes and adaptations that today have repercussions in several aspects of daily life on an island linked to a Polynesian past and present but politically attached to a Latin American Nation-State.