Tarita Rapu Alarcón

Tarita Rapu Alarcón is a 7th generation descendant of Maria Angata Veri Tahi A Pengo and Grandaugther of Analola Tuki and Belisario Rapu. She was born on Rapa Nui and raised within the strong cultural tradition among the Rapu Tuki family guided by her father Arturo Frontier and mother Oro Rapu.

Tarita is an experienced singer of Rapanui ancient songs Riu e Ute, and performed her first recording at the age of 11 in 1988. She is mother to two children, a young Rapa Nui son, and a daughter who also has Māori heritage from Aotearoa. Tarita got a degree in Physic Anthropology in 2012.

She was elected in two election rounds 2014-2018 as the Rapa Nui regional counselor to work for the Rapa Nui people. She supported the repatriation of two Rapa Nui sacred skulls from Christchurch NZ in 2018. In march 2018 Tarita Rapu was chosen as Governor of Easter Island (and served a three year term), during this period she participated in the formal request to return the Moai Hoahakananaia, now in the British Museum in London.