Will you travel to The Netherlands by plane, train, car or other means? Find some useful info in these tips! See Covid information below.


Most likely you will arrive on Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. The airport is very well connected. To go to Leiden you can use either the train or a car. Taking a taxi from the airport to Leiden centre may set you back around € 60 – for max 4 passengers. Luggage may come at a surcharge. Taxis can be expensive but if you book beforehand you will get a discount: Taxicentrale Schiphol

To learn about the train schedule, and book a ticket in advance, check here.

You can also buy a ticket at the vending machines in Schiphol’s’ Central Hall. Pay electronically (preferred) or cash. A single ticket to Leiden will cost around € 6,50 per person.


If you arrive by car, it’s best to use Google Maps for your navigation support. Just type in the name of your hotel and Maps will give traffic in formation and the best route to take.

Parking may be arranged through your hotel, but in Leiden Centre there are some large parkings. Find them here: Parking in Leiden  The maximum fare is €16,- per day


Book your trainticket and select as your final destination “Leiden Centraal” from where most hotels are within walking distance.


We selected several fine hotels for you to Choose from. When you book your stay through us, you will receive a free cancellation policy and the hotels will know you belong to our group. You may have seen these hotels already in our Newsletter.

Other options are to find a hotel through or, Trivago or any other hotel booking site. There are many options, including houseboats, apartments and rooms in attics and basements.

But .. be quick as Leiden has been selected European City of Science 2022 which means there are many events to visit and many visitors coming!

This makes for a lively bustling city, especially after all Covid measures have now been lifted.

So don’t wait too long to book a room! We like to know you’re sleeping in a nice bed rather than under a tree.


Going around the city is easy: most everything is within walking distance. For instance, from the train station “Leiden Centraal” to the Conference venue “Van Steenis Building” will take about 20 minutes on foot.


The Netherlands loves electronic money and is gradually moving away from cash. Most people find this more convenient. You will be able to pay almost anything by card, many times ‘touchless’ with your phone or bank card. Cash is also accepted, of course.

Credit cards (MasterCard and Visa, AmEx is not popular) are usually accepted as well, but because of the commission businesses have to pay, sometimes they will ask for a surcharge. Supermarkets generally do not accept credit cards.


The Conference will provide transport on the day of the excursion and when moving from one programmed location to another.

In the morning on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, we will arrange a taxi minibus from the Leiden railway station (parked at the back side from the station near Restaurant Lebkov) and Museum Volkenkunde to the conference location. We will post the times and routes in the conference info folder.

On Friday, you can leave your luggage at the Golden Tulip Hotel, so there is no need to lug it around yourself.

Just bring your bags to Golden Tulip  & Tulip Inn Hotel Leiden Centre, opposite the railway station Leiden Central (Schipholweg 3) on Friday morning and please mention Easter Island Conference. You can pick it up on Friday in the afternoon.

Just be sure to label everything with your name and phone number.


The Netherlands, June has usually nice weather. Average temperatures range from 15-20 Centigrade (60-72 F). We are a very green country, and there is a reason for that! So be sure to bring a light waterproof jacket and shoes that can stand a little moisture. Most of our program is completely indoors; however the excursion on Wednesday will take you to Zeeland where a warm sweater could be nice.


Fortunately the Covid situation in The Netherlands is currently very relaxed. All numbers are low and decreasing, both infected patients as well as hospitalised patients

All actual information by the Dutch Government can be found here: Covid 19 in the Netherlands

If you live inside the EU/Schengen: no specific rules apply. Most other countries: no PCR test, no health declaration needed. Check the rules that specifically apply to your country here: Travelling to the Netherlands

If you fly into Schiphol, the best information can be found on the website of your airline. They are responsible for you as a passenger, so always check their guidelines and their interpretation of the rules, in order to prevent refusal to board.
Their website is probably also the best single source of information.

When in doubt, please contact your local Covid authority.